Gonkar Gyatso – Studio Visit

Gonkar Gyatso is a Tibetan artist who is based between NY and London. Being neighbors in Chelsea (the one in New York) I was lucky to be invited to his studio to document some of his process. Gonkar’s work, which is represented in many galleries and museums, explores his fascination with material and pop culture and most of the times seems to incorporate the image of Buddha. When I peaked through the open door of his studio I was mesmerized by a large sitting Buddha statue covered with little fragments of pop culture references. Upon entry I found collections of cut outs and stickers everywhere, tables are filled, boxes full of materials, and the leftovers on the floor tell the story of a long and meticulous process. Watching him at work reminded me of a conductor that pieces together the perfect harmony. Although unconventional, his images of Buddha represent a spiritual approach that is mirrored in his personality. Enjoy this little window into his world!



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  1. Zette Emmons

    Dear Rainer, I enjoyed meeting you at Gonkar Gyatso’s studio last Thursday. I hope we meet again soon, and good luck with the impending arrival of your new baby, hope all goes well!! Best regards, Zette

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